DIve Surf Club

We are a tour operator and diving school based in San Cristobal/ Galapagos and Montañita/ Ecuador. On Galapagos we offer PADI Diving Courses, daily dive- or snorkel tours, everything around surfing, land tours, camping tours with horseback riding, tour packages on San Cristobal and Island hopping for groups. Living the last 12 years on Galapagos we are happy to give you all the information you need for your trip. In Montañita we offer PADi- Diving Courses and fun dives.

In cooperation with the language school we can organize for you packages including diving or diving courses, Spanish lessons, accommodation, transport service from the airport in Guayaquil, surf classes, yoga and salsa lessons. As well you can explore on a camping tour the rainforest around Montañita!

San Cristobal/ Galapagos

Welcome to the Dive & Surf Club: San Cristóbal - Galápagos

Discover with us San Cristobal and the Galapagos Islands. Learn to surf or to dive, go camping, snorkelling or horseback riding. Have a look around the Islands on our tours, explore the surf spots with local surf guides, search for the best waves by boat, dive at Kicker Rock with our PADI- Divemasters or just enjoy the beaches, the nature and the nightlife.

It’s so much to discover... and we look forward to show you our Island and Galapagos!

You reach San Cristobal with TAME airline or Aerogal from Quito via Guayaquil. As well there are daily boats from/ to Puerto Ayora.

San Cristobal offers a variety of hostels and homestays. If you need help to find accommodation, you want to know prices, make a reservation or you need more information, you are welcome to contact us in English, German or Spanish!


Island tours – Packages

We offer tour packages for San Cristobal and as well tours around the Islands. Groups can design individual packages! Write your ideas and wishes to us and we plan the tour!

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Packages San Cristobal (food, accommodation and all the tours with equipment are included)


  1. DAY: Airport transfer- Hostel- lunch- tour la Tijeretas/ Punta Carola (snorkel)- dinner
  2. DAY: Breakfast- la Galapaguera- Surf classes Puerto Chino- lunch- more surfing- dinner & camping “Hacienda Tranquila”
  3. DAY: Breakfast- Hike „Hacienda Tranquila“- lunch- snorkel la Loberia- dinner
  4. DAY: Breakfast- Snorkel tour Kicker Rock- lunch on board- dinner
  5. DAY: Breakfast- Interpretation Centre- Airport transfer



  1. DAY: Airport transfer- Hostel- lunch- tour la Tijeretas/ Punta Carola (snorkel)- dinner
  2. DAY: Breakfast- diving La Tijeretas & Karahua- lunch- snorkel la Loberia- dinner
  3. DAY: Breakfast- Tour Highlands (el Junco, la Galapaguera, Puerto Chino)- lunch- Night dive- dinner
  4. DAY: Breakfast- Diving Kicker Rock/ snorkel Isla Lobos- lunch on board- dinner
  5. DAY: Breakfast- Interpretation Centre- Airport transfer


Island hopping

The tours can be planned individual for groups. The price depends on the group size, the duration, the activities and the locations!


  1. DAY: San Cristobal to Floreana (Snorkel Champion, Enderby)- Isabela (Flamingo Lagoon)
  2. DAY: Isabela (Sierra Negra Vulcano)
  3. DAY: Isabela (Tortoise Breeding Centre, Wall of the Tears, Bay tour)- Four Brothers- Santa Cruz (Charles Darwin Station)
  4. DAY: Santa Cruz (Tortuga Bay & Playa Manza)- San Cristobal



  1. DAY: San Cristobal to Floreana ( Snorkel Champion, Enderby, Tortoise Reservate, Highland tour)
  2. DAY: Floreana to Isabela (Tortoise Breeding Centre, Flamingo Lagoon,)
  3. DAY: Isabela (Sierra Negra Vulcano)
  4. DAY: Isabela (Wall of the tears, Bay tour, Kayaking)
  5. DAY: Isabela- Four Brothers- Santa Cruz (Charles Darwin Station, Tortuga Bay/ Playa Manza)
  6. DAY: Day tour North Seymour
  7. DAY: Gordon Rock 8. DAY: El Chato- San Cristobal

Scuba Diving – Snorkel

We offer every day dives or snorkel tours. All the equipment is included within the tour! Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido) Kicker Rock is the place to go to if you want to see a lot of marine life including sharks! Divers and Snorkelers can join the tour. First we have time to snorkel in Isla Lobos. The divers do a check- dive in Isla Lobos before we move the boat to Kicker Rock for 2 dives. Experience required: More than 10 dives.


Karahua & La Tijeretas

Two dive spots just outside of the bay. Take half a day to see a 100-year-old ship- wreck and the marine life of Galapagos. Experience required: 5 dives


Night dive in the Bay

If you look for a new adventure, go for a night dive in the bay


Refreshment Course

You are certified but you haven’t dived for a while? We bring you back into the water by reviewing the basics followed by one dive in the bay.


Discovery Dive in the bay or Isla Lobos

You have never dived or you are unsure if you want to take a whole course? Book a discovery dive with our PADI- Instructor. As well you can combine it with your snorkel trip to Kicker Rock.


Camping on the Galapagos Islands- an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the beach and the nature during the day, learn surfing and relax on the beach. And at night enjoy the stars and the campfire.

We spend the day in PUERTO CHINO to learn surfing. Late afternoon we drive to “Hacienda Tranquila” where we have a perfect camping spot with a beautiful view over the coastline. A BBQ is waiting for you and afterwards we sit around the campfire. Next day we can explore the farm on a hike or on horses!

Of course you have the option to book only camping without surfing!